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Brave Expressionists

Approximately 16% of the South African population are Brave Expressionists.

They tend to follow the new or the latest developments. Sensational stories draw their attention. They like to be part of a group, especially those that think like they do. They like being in the know as brave expressionists.

The world is dynamic, and they embrace it, endorse it, and sometimes initiate it. They can be impulsive. Image and appearance are important to them.

They blend in with groups they are with but appreciate attention. They like being called trend spotters. They prefer to stay in touch with what is happening.

They appreciate being consulted about the latest and best apps, devices, or trends. They like being seen as one step ahead. They will protect their image and position among peers as a first priority.

Although they are eager to spend money, they seldom waste it. They may endorse celebrities that they associate with or that inspire them.