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Instinctive Neutralists

Approximately 17% of the South African population are Instinctive Neutralists.

They organise life based on principles of right or wrong, good, or bad. Daily news, events or politics affect their mood, they generally avoid those and remain instinctive neutralists.

They care about the world. They will help where they can but will withdraw when challenged or face selfish opposition. They may find hobbies or similar activities relaxing and uplifting.

They prefer a small group of friends and generally avoid groups or crowds. The family and home provide stability and security.

Their actions are based on what is right, even if others might disagree. They care for those around them and will make sure they are looked after.

Decisions take great responsibility and are often based on careful thought. In uncertain times, they may withdraw. Technology is a tool, if it helps them, they will invest in it. They plan before spending money and generally avoid risks.