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Naturally Uncontested

Approximately 25% of the South African population are Naturally Uncontested.

They like spending money, especially on themselves. They are naturally uncontested and believe they can be whoever they want, life is an opportunity.

Technology forms an integral part of their lives. Money is an enabler, there to be enjoyed. They may be spontaneous but seldom reckless, even with money.

Money is a means to an end and opens possibilities and opportunities. They enjoy attention and being at the centre of it. The world is a stage, waiting for them to show who and what they are.

Social media is like a treasure hunt to find the latest trends, gossip, music, or places to go. Their lives are shared events of fun, doing things, and seeing places.

They choose brands that inspire or excite them, even if these may be slightly more expensive. They sometimes challenge old traditions and thoughts.