“Action without vision is merely passing time. But vision with action can change the world.” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

The must-have ENGAGEMENT solution for your strategic INSIGHTS toolbox

Tx5® is a digital platform for obtaining information during interactions that people have with you. Such an in-depth understanding of the people that interact with you, through the Tx5® lens integrates their context-rich world into the relationship. This strengthens the relationship and empowers you to connect in unique ways with people, as never before.

Tx5® combines engagement, segmentation, and identity research methodologies to describe attitudinal motivations, expressed as behaviour, by adding values, expectations and needs, Tx5® tells you what people are looking for.

People are multi-faceted, with unique beliefs, values, decision-making processes, likes, dislikes, fears, and hopes that translate into behaviour. Tx5® was developed to create understanding of people at scale and in a cost-effective way.

A universal engagement personalisation tool

Tx5® was developed for decision-makers who do not just want to know, but who want to understand how to connect with people living in a dynamic, challenging and sometimes downright scary world, in more powerful and meaningful ways.

Good relationships and the need to understand complex world dynamics that shed light on predictive behaviour is more important than ever. What is often called ‘market dynamics’ is nothing but an outcome of human decisions, and behaviour. It is on this complex frontline of human behaviour that Tx5® offers a radically new, and innovative solution.

Tx5® enables you to obtain behavioural information during your interactions with people. An in-depth understanding of who the person is, is fundamental to strengthen the relationship and empower you to connect, with empathy, in a unique way.

Tx5® enables organisations to obtain behavioural information during interactions with customers or clients (people). It enables you to develop an in-depth understanding of who the person is. This is fundamental to strengthen the relationship and empower you to connect in a unique way with people. Creating an engagement, based on empathy, that takes customer service and retention strategies to the next level.

A multi-dimensional interpretation of behaviour

Tx5® provides insight into three inter-related dimensions in one digital real-time solution. It is a research platform like no other. A multiplicity of influencers guides our behaviour. The better we understand how and why people behave in certain ways, the better we can connect with them in ways they intuitively search for.

  • The input dimension – people interpret their contexts as they sift through tons of data daily, focussing only on those things they like, relate to or consider useful.
  • The consider dimension – people process contextual data heuristically to determine the best way forward and develop “shortcuts” of tried and tested thought processes that align with their background, upbringing, and worldview.
  • The behaviour dimension – people re(act), sometimes in split seconds, sometimes after careful thought, in line with their interpretation of a dynamic world

The nuts and bolts of Tx5®

Tx5® is a fully digitised solution that can be integrated with existing platforms, measures, and systems as an additional lens into the characteristics, needs, expectations and desires of people.

We recommend that Tx5® profiles are updated annually as behavioural patterns change in relation to changing circumstances. In a world where change is the only constant, people will adapt, albeit over time. Our data confirms this, with changes in behavioural patterns evident, for example, in the 2020/2021 pandemic reality.

Tx5® is customisable to your organisation. Specific ad-hoc questions can be added to address strategic needs or unique dynamics. These tailored statements or questions complement the behavioural measures to deliver unique insights that can immediately be translated into an organisational strategy. We work with you to identify these.

We provide a single link to the digital solution that is applicable across all interactions and touchpoints. That link is yours for life.

Data is securely recorded where the behavioural identity is calculated in seconds, based on the Tx5® trademarked engagement personalisation method – a ground-breaking new way of identifying human behavioural patterns.

Our cost-effective engagement personalisation solution means you can scale Tx5® across the organisation and market.

The trademarked Tx5® approach

Tx5® provides micro-level insights about individuals’ behaviour, as well as macro-level modelling to enable delivery of in-depth insights. Through its trademarked methodology, Tx5® explores how individuals think, interpret and value their context-rich and dynamic worlds which influence behavioural patterns. Tx5®

  • …interprets humans as contextual actors that respond, interact and interface with multiple contexts
  • …maps people together with value-filtered inner motivations, drives, behaviour inclinations, use patterns, fears, and desires
  • …provides integrated data as a turnkey platform to inform business, brand, marketing, policy- or communication and reputation management strategies.

The Tx5® digital tool takes less than ten minutes to complete. The five engagement personalisation groupings are identified with only 29 statements and supported with machine learning technology to effectively cluster people’s behaviour with tested statistical accuracy.

Introducing the BRAIN, the nerve centre of Tx5®

The five Tx5® profiles are based on years of scientific research to explain people’s decision-making, beyond the demographic surface. The way people behave in certain ways is captured in five unique engagement personalisation groupings: