The Drivers That Influence Behaviour


Behaviour – our reaction to contexts and the things we value and cherish

The behaviour dimension assesses the behavioural inclinations of an individual in the marketplace. Having considered contextual input, individuals react or act. This dimension maps inclinations toward extravagance, or more reserved basic needs satisfaction approaches when engaging with the marketplace.

It also maps individual inclinations toward calculated or planned versus more impulsive or spontaneous re(ac)tions. Behaviour is a consequence of the input followed by reviewing the values we cherish. This dimension tests individual interpretations.

This dimension brings predictive analytics to the Tx5® solution. It allows insight into possible future inclinations, behaviours, and factors that may motivate future re(ac)tions in the marketplace.

Our behaviour is a consequence of the input followed by our judgement based on the values we cherish. This is an iterative process that never ends. We started developing these behavioural patterns as children growing up in a house where we mimic the behavioural patterns of those around us, keeping the things we value and discarding those we do not.

As our circle of influence increases we develop shortcuts and react or behave in a certain patterned ways. Tx5® identified the five broad behavioural patterns that are common across all people. The behaviour dimension completes the circle of information flow through our senses, thoughts, and actions.

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