The Tx5® Principles Explained


The person who engages with the world is central to Tx5® thinking

Thriving organisations are context-relevant agents that solve problems for and address the needs of people living in a changing world. With Tx5® you can create lasting relationships with people by enabling empathy.

Tx5® pulls you into the context-rich world of people, instead of pushing your world into theirs. It does not start with what you offer to uncover how people think and feel. Instead, you first understand the person and then uncover how you relate to the person, in authentic context.

People engage with multiple organisations, brands, products, services, and communications all day long. Instead of assuming that your message is the only thing relevant or contextually meaningful to a person at any given moment, the person must be central to understand them in relation to their and your contexts.

The world is a dynamic place of interaction, expectation, conversation, and exploration

Decisions are shaped by an external context that impacts and influences our reactions. People react and steer their lives as effectively as they can through a changing and turbulent world. Tx5® combines the dimensions at play in a real-world context, allowing you to navigate a turbulent world where normal will always be new.

Tx5® is your compass for understanding real, organic, feeling, breathing human beings, and engaging with empathy.

People learn and adapt throughout their lives to changing external conditions – they adjust as they think, decide, reflect, and consider these conditions

Although personality remains constant as an undercurrent of how we engage with a changing world, behavioural patterns remain context specific. Behavioural groups are composites or expressions of a person-world dynamic.

People react according to known, tested, and tried decision-making processes, sometimes impulsively, and sometimes after careful thought. These two reactions have similar behavioural expressions. Because we remain who we are and maintain our behavioural expressions, whether we think fast or slow (to quote Daniel Kahneman), Tx5® provides a primary indicator of behaviour across contexts, circumstances, or conditions. The Tx5® solution expresses what people are searching for, based on their behavioural patterns.

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